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David and What’s-Her-Name

It’s not complicated.   First impressions count.  David gets that. What’s her name doesn’t.

It was our first weekend in our new cottage and after a glorious morning of sitting looking over the crystal clear shimmering lake, watching the ducks paddle towards us and listening to the birds sing, we decided to check out the local restaurant pub. (more…)

77 (#31-#45) Top Customer Touchpoints to Innovate… and counting

Do you want to grow your business?

I think we all do.  I’m not saying that we want to grow at any cost and I’m not saying that the definition of growth is the same for you as is it for me.  I do believe, however, that what we all have in common is the desire for our perfect customers to know who we are, what value we bring to the market place and why they should do – or continue to do – business with us. (more…)

77 (#18 – 30) Top Customer Touchpoints to Innovate… and counting

As per last week’s blog, we are on a mission to find at least 77 Customer Touchpoints that you can turn into Unexpected Encounters that will attract, keep and engage more customers so that you can grow your business. (more…)

77 Top Customer Touchpoints to innovate… and counting (#1-17)

Every day your customers are faced with more and more vendors offering more and more choices which means that every day those same customers need to be reminded more and more often why they should do, or continue to do, business with you. (more…)

How Seth Godin Let Me Down

I love Seth Godin. I love Seth’s books. (If you haven’t read The Purple Cow yet, go out today and get it!) I love Seth’s mind. (He is, without a doubt, one of the savviest marketing minds that I have ever encountered). And I love Seth’s blog … (one of his most recent, Giving away a magician’s secrets, was simply brilliant)

Well, actually, I love Seth’s blog most of the time…. (more…)