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There it was!  The mega-hyped brand new Pandora jewelry store located smack dab in the middle of Soho, New York City.  My friend and I had been waiting for this moment for months.


77 (#46-#77) Top Customer Touchpoints to Innovate… and counting

As most of you probably know by now, I am in the throws of writing a book on Customer Touchpoint Innovation.  Simply put, the book is about applying the principles of Strategic Innovation to the Customer Touchpoints in your business so that you can craft compellingly innovative customer experiences – or Unexpected Encounters™ – that are specifically designed to help you attract, keep and engage more customers more often so that you can grow your business. (more…)

Missed Opportunities

It’s an early Sunday morning at Starbucks and I’m here to catch a few quiet moments and to organize my thoughts for the week. There’s something about the Sunday morning mood at Starbucks. It’s peaceful, reflective and a good place to be.

There’s an older gentleman sitting to my right. I’ve walked past him a couple of times as I picked up my coffee. Caught his eye … smiled… got a small but hesitant smile in return. Not sure how to describe him. Fragile maybe. Yes, fragile would be the right word.